Welcome to Click Random, a torrent (hopefully) of  daily (…hopefully) information, useful or useless, interesting or irrelevant. Prompted by the overlooked Random Article button on Wikipedia, the objective of Click Random is to delve deeper – a challenge to discover more about even the most dull of subjects.
You can join in too by sharing your knowledge, be it personal or objective, about the given subject. And let’s make a little game out of this as well, a game from my secondary school days: “Clicks to Hitler (or Jesus, whichever floats your boat)”. The aim is to find the shortest path to the Wikipedia article for Hitler or Jesus starting with the random article that I investigate and clicking a link to successive Wikipedia articles until you have found Jesus or Hitler and comment how many articles you clicked to reach him.
Without further ado, let’s jump in with the first Random Article, High Plains Uranium!!!
…I knew this would be fun.

Lord Randolph Churchill — Part 2 — A flash in the pan.

You still there? Well, if you are, you might not be after this. It’s time for politics — bear in mind that the man voted as “Greatest Briton”, Winston Churchill, was heavily influenced by his father’s politics and beliefs.
If you stick around, we’ll get to more scandals with Jack the Ripper. I’m dragging this out a bit, aren’t I?
After his graduation in 1870, Randolph first entered the House of Commons in 1874 when he became a Conservative Member of Parliament for Woodstock. His first speech in the House of Commons was said to have grabbed the attention of Benjamin Disraeli, the then Prime Minister. He even wrote to Queen Victoria about Randolph’s “energy and natural flow”.
However, contrary to Wikipedia, it is suggested that his maiden speech made no impression on the Commons. Either way, Queen Victoria seemed unconvinced, as she opposed Randolph’s appointment of Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1886, describing him as “mad”, “odd”, and “disloyal”.
Ol’ Randolph doesn’t seem too bother…

Lord Randolph Churchill — Part 1

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, my one on one blog with Lord Randolph Churchill!
My, what a lot of information you have, Randolph. Enough for two parts, so here’s the first part to wet your whistle.
Since this is the largest Wikipedia article that I have researched so far, we will give this some structure — this will be longer than my usual blogs, so if you don’t like reading, why the hell aren’t you on YouTube?
Let’s start at the beginning, before the birth of his son and Jack the Ripper, let’s begin our story at 3 Wilton Terrace, Belgravia, London, or maybe he was born at Blenheim Palace — who should we trust, Wikipedia or
Born on the 13th of February, 1849, to the 7th Duke of Marlborough and Lady Frances Vane, Randolph was their third son.
Shockingly, Randolph was privately educated at home as well as attending Tabor’s Prep School before joining Eton College in 1863 until 1865. Fellow Etonians described him as a vivacious and rather unruly boy/lad — like fa…

Purple-Headed Starling

Thankfully a short article while I continue to research old Randolph Churchill.
A bird with green and blue iridescent colourings found in Africa. The girls look like the boys and the boys look like the girls — visual sexing is not possible, so don’t even think of trying it.
The population of these birds is not of concern to conservationists, though it is decreasing and they may become categorised as vulnerable. Probably the fault of us humans again.

Did you play “Clicks to Hitler/Jesus”? Comment your scores.

A Filler — Notre Dame High School (Crowley, Louisiana)

Today’s article was going to be Winston Churchill’s father, Lord Randolph Churchill, but there is much to research on this man and I want to do it justice. From Jack the Ripper, to Tory Democracy– is this about paying off small Northern Irish parties? You’re just going to have to wait for that one.
So, instead, I present you with another American High School, Notre Dame High School in Crowley, Louisiana, home of the pioneers
Quite obviously a Catholic school, it was formed in 1967 after consolidating or devouring three other Catholic high schools and is owned by eight church parishes.
The school employs 42 staff, of which 100% are, apparently, faithful Christians who display great loyalty to the Mission of Notre Dame. I think their Twitter bio perfectly sums up the school. God, education, service, sports and great ND stuff. The school is not to be scoffed at, as it has achieved a 4.8 star rating on Facebook. Sadly, there are no humorous reasons for the two one-star reviews.
Just se…

A Rum Deal — Regina v. Faulkner

The people are real, the cases are real, the rulings are final.
Today, in the Court for Crown Cases Reserved on the 16th of January 1877, Mr. Robert Faulkner stands trial to appeal the guilty verdict for larceny and arson. The sentence set forth by the jury in the lower courts is seven years of imprisonment with hard labour.
Let the appeal begin!
On that fateful day, the 26th day of June 1876, Mr. Faulkner, a seaman and prisoner aboard Zemindar sneaked down to the bulk head hold, bore a hole in a cask, and proceeded to steal and consume our rum made from the finest molasses. As he attempted to seal the hole, he lit a match and ignited the alcohol with the felonious, unlawful, and malicious intent of burning the ship to ash.
The accused only wished to wet his whistle after he was deprived of liquid as a prisoner. Here in Ireland, it is not a crime to drink alcohol, even if it is rum and not whiskey. His vision was impaired whilst attempting to seal the hole of the cask.…

Creeptemporary — Cie. Toula Limnaios

Humping the floor, contorting your body, roughing up a baby, sweaty bodies. I’ll give you three guesses to identify what I am writing about today.
I know, the answer was quite obvious, contemporary dance.

Cie. Toula Limnaios is a dance organisation, based in Berlin, named after its founder and choreographer Toula Limnaios. Founded in 1996, what started with flailing arms and bending legs in Brussels is now an organisation sponsored by the Berlin Senate for Culture.
Their performances, of which there are over thirty, including Wut (“Rage”), Tempus Fugit (“Time Flies”), and The Thing I Am, are often inspired by philosophy and literature.  “A voodoo-like relationship with a baby doll was temporarily explored, but did not progress past obvious movement choices for the portrayal of manipulation and control.  ‘Tempus Fugit’ disappointed, not due to lack of professionalism but due to lack of conceptual risk.” — Beatrix Joyce They threw a voodoo baby around, how much more risk do you want?


Click Random, The Naturist — Small-Toothed Palm Civet

Hang on, give me a minute to crack out my best David Attenborough impression.
Here we see the Small-toothed Palm Civet in its natural habitat, the trees. 
Like many other Palm Civets, the Civet of the small-toothed variety is nocturnal, they like their own company being a solitary creature, and they are arboreal, meaning that they spend almost all their time in trees and bloody difficult to observe. Damn hippies.
The Small-toothed Palm Civet is monotypic, so there is only one type or species of this animal. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! Wikipedia, get your facts right! 
This article must have been written in the 1950s. Studies of their calls and molecular distribution dating back to 1989 and up to present day have considered that there are multiple species of Small-toothed Palm Civet found in Indochina and Southeast Asia.
This small-toothed mammal is an omnivore. Despite its small nibbly teeth, it has a healthy balanced diet of fruit, small mammals, frogs, birds, and lizards to get those gain…